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Every year I go through the same cycle. Love picking the fresh herbs until I get tired of running outside for them and then I am happy to use my dried herbs until I long for the scent and taste of fresh.
I have had a common sage in the same spot for eons and am contemplating moving it next year. It blooms early in the season and attracts bees.
French tarragon is something I have had trouble growing enough of and need to grow it in pots to do well in my yard.
Lemon balm in pots does well and stays within bounds that way.
I have two mints growing in pots beside some tomato plants. The trusses of the Rebel Alliance are so heavy they are almost touching the ground. Saw rat signs last week and that has worried me about the tomatoes. Having read that rats do not like mint I am winding the runners of the mint through those low trusses. Who knows? Doesn't hurt to try it.
Garlic chives is one herb that I do not have a taste for but holy moley do the bees ever like it. It is pretty and I keep it growing for the fliers.

Korean hyssop sounds interesting. I used to have a lime green coloured hyssop that would come back here and there from seed. I liked the colour for contrast. Can't recall if the hummingbirds liked it or not but bees do.
Bees seem to like all the herbs I have grown, even if the flowers are tiny. I recently read that the very best insectary plant is Cilantro. Nice to know. I always let some go to seed.
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