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Originally Posted by MarinaRussian View Post
Stunning tomatoes, Kath!!!

Captain Lucky wasn't late for me, at all, I love it. Thank you! Have you tried Everett's Rusty Oxheart? If so, is Copper River as good as ERO, tastewise?
I haven't been so lucky with CL- last year's attempt gave me fruits that were too red. Winterfly was kind enough to send me new seeds for this year but this plant just seemed to struggle- maybe that's why the fruits were late compared to the rest of the group. Not sure that I'll give it another try but maybe sometime. I didn't like Lucky Cross at all, and everyone else raves about it. At this point in the season I'm wondering if I really want to grow a bicolor or tricolor every year. They're very pretty but honestly, no one around here really wants to eat them!

I had one plant of Everett's Rusty Oxheart but it didn't make it. Again, not sure if I'll give it another try. I've heard many more positive comments about Captain Lucky.

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