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Originally Posted by Salsacharley View Post
Check out the New Mexico State University Chile Pepper Institute site. They have Numex Primavera Jalapeno that is mild, and they have Numex Trick or Treat habanero that has no heat, but habanero flavor.

I'm growing Numex Big Jim and another Numex type anaheim pepper. The Big Jim is supposed to be spicy. I imagine it's heat as similar to most poblano peppers. My late summer poblano's can be pretty warm, but the heat doesn't linger in my mouth. When I take a bite, I get a burst of heat and then it is gone very quickly/

The fooled you jalapeno's do have a good taste, but (and it is a big "but" for me) I can't get accustomed to eating jalapenos without any heat. Somehow, it doesn't seem right. In appearance and size, they look like the TAM jalapeno. When harvesting, be careful to not mix them because I don't think you can identify the hot jalapeno from the the heatless by sight.
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