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Originally Posted by Gardeneer View Post
I have grown turmeric back in Atlanta but did not get much tubers. It is a tropical plant. You have to let it get few year old to produce enough tubers. But to do that you have to have frost free climate like south Florida.
Anyway. I use turmeric just like chili powder and paprika.
The main ingredient in Indian Curry powder is actually turmeric.
It is called " Gold Of India " . No Indian will cook without turmeric and chili pepper. .
I dont think they will cook without the whole spice cabinet.
I found fresh bulk turmeric cheaper than dirt and the Fiesta market, 3.99 a pound.
Not super cheap but better than the foo foo packages and one heck of a cheap way to get it started.
Mine made it almost a year until this last hard freeze we had.

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