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Default Cherokee Purple alternatives

Ok all...I am a full time greenhouse tomato grower who specializes in heirlooms...and basically tomatoes that just plain taste good (not against hybrids). I am resisting many of the standard greenhouse hybrids despite higher yields and disease resistance. The chefs and market love many of the varieties I grow...including the Cherokee purples. However, I am not a big fan of their growth patterns or the number of lower quality fruit that are harvested. You get some nice big pretties...and then some that are just not marketable. Most of the other varieties I grow don't have that problem. Alternatives with comparable (or higher) yields, excellent taste and a similar color? I have grown Black Krim in the past, but never took data...was thinking about that one. Also, any other suggestions variety wise? I am growing them all hydroponically and pushing for a long "season". I grow year round and each row stays in for 35 weeks. Thanks in advance!
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