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Originally Posted by b54red View Post

POOR to AWFULL: Cowlick's Brandywine, Cuostralee, Stump of the World, Golden Ponderosa, Hege German Pink, Arkansas Traveler, Russian 117, Anna Russian, Aunt Gerties Gold, Costa Rica, Delicious, Mrs. Benson, Green Zebra, Cherokee Green, Costuluto Genovese, Heinze 1370, Momotaro, Orange Heirloom, Noire de Crimee, Paul Robeson, Reif Red Heart, and Rutgers.

Funny you mention Rutgers.My Neighbor is growing Rutgers and seemingly has for at least the last three years. In his patch he has 6. The leaves droop dry up and turn brown. On the east side is where it seems the worst. Now he has 3 by the house.One in a Topsy Turvey and two in the ground. All three are doing fine.
Does this sound like fusarium wilt?

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