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Timmah, it may be that these products only help where fusarium wilt infection is minor. That is not the case in my garden. The build up of my soil over the years has helped more than anything else. I used to never get a heirloom to the ripe fruit stage and could only grow the hardiest hybrids 10 years ago. My production this year was terrific with some varieties while others that seem more susceptible did nothing but wither and die. Next year I will be planting a much higher percentage of varieties that have shown good tolerence to fusarium. I had to try a lot of varieties to find the ones that do the best but I think it will be worth the trouble. I may try some more of the miracle organic cures but I am fairly certain they will be no more effective than others that I have tried. I'm looking forward to seeing if planting more varieties that have proven themselves in my garden makes a big difference. I really think that planting the more resistant varieties will be much more effective than adding concentrations of spores already present in most good garden soil in a futile attempt to keep non resistant varieties alive.
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