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rsg2001, you might want to give Kosovo a try. Even though it eventually fell victim to fusarium it was one of my best producing tomatoes this year and one of the best tasting. My Caspian Pink produced 16 tomatoes between 10 and 14 ounces before it died so it was not nearly as bad as some. I had only a few hearts do well but the ones that did will certainly be replanted next year. I would say besides NAR that the heirlooms that withstand fusarium the best are the so called black or dark tomatoes but they seem more susceptible to some type of foliage crud that is fairly easy to control with my Clorox solution spray. I plan on planting more of the dark varieties next year because of the success I have had with them this year. I have used Rootsheild on every plant that has been set out since mid June and some have already died from fusarium so I don't know if it is helping or not.
I set out 38 plants the 24th of March and of those 7 are still hanging in there but just barely. Of those 7 survivors only 3 are heirlooms and they are NAR, Andrew Rahart, and Gary O' Sena. All three of the heirlooms are first rate in production and taste but I don't think the Andrew Raharts Jumbo Red is true because of the 30 or so tomatoes to come off of it so far the largest was only 8 ounces. The 4 hybrids are Jetsetter, Moreton, Ramapo and Floralina. I will definitely be replanting Ramapo and Jetsetter but not Floralina because of taste and overly firm fruit. The Moreton is one I am not sure of because it produced ok but many were very small and the plant has looked bad for 6 weeks but still has hung in there continuing to produce some fruit that to me aren't that remarkable tasting.
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