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Default Fusarium wilt

As someone who has to deal with fusarium wilt every year in my garden I finally took the time to keep records this season and try many varieties to see the results. Almost all of my tomatoes eventually die from fusarium so I wanted to see which did the best and which did the worst. I now have the results from my early planting and have them listed below showing excellent tolerance down to poor tolerance.

EXCELLENT: Neves Azorean Red, Jetsetter, Gary O' Sena, Andrew Rahart's Jumbo Red, Ramapo and Floralina

VERY GOOD: Kosovo, Berkley Tie Dye Pink, Bill's Big Backyard, Pale Perfect Purple, Indian Stripe, Cabernet, Carbon, Black Krim, Moreton, Stupice and JDs Special C Tex.

GOOD to Fair: Caspian Pink, Red Siberian, Mortgage Lifter, Royal Hillbilly, Limbaugh's Legacy, Rostova, Gregori's Altai, Druzba, Donskoi, German Red Strawberry, Old Virginia, Prudens Purple, and Aker's West Virginia.

POOR to AWFULL: Cowlick's Brandywine, Cuostralee, Stump of the World, Golden Ponderosa, Hege German Pink, Arkansas Traveler, Russian 117, Anna Russian, Aunt Gerties Gold, Costa Rica, Delicious, Mrs. Benson, Green Zebra, Cherokee Green, Costuluto Genovese, Heinze 1370, Momotaro, Orange Heirloom, Noire de Crimee, Paul Robeson, Reif Red Heart, and Rutgers.

This is not all the varieties I have planted. Some were only planted a month or so ago so I need to let them grow longer to see how they do. I am also planting more varieties for fall. If you have a constant problem with fusarium wilt in your garden I would try some of the tomatoes in the first two groups and see if you get good results as I did this year. I would love to hear from others in the south who have to deal with this problem and hear which varieties have shown the best fusarium tolerance for you.
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