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I'm resizing pics from the show now. I see that we didn't get pics of the table in the back, maybe Remy did. Not pictured there were:

Cherokee Green Grape
Quartz Multiflora
Black Cherry
Joe's Plum
Granny Cantrell's German
Gregori's Altai (pink, not red; the red version was from the late Chuck Wyatt in MD)
Oleyar's German, which got moved to the middle table
KBHeart Red (PL)
KBHeart Pink 13N & 13S.
Earl of Edgecombe (I brought it but don't know where it went!)
Red Rose (a commercial Rutgers x Brandywine OP, I grew 1 plant that was PL)
Nipples (I think someone moved it to the Smallest category table)

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