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We always freeze our tomato sauce. My DH is the household tomato/marinara/spaghetti/pizza sauce guru, and I guarantee he doesn't have any sort of official "comes out the same way every time" type recipes. With freezing, I don't have to worry about the ratio of acid to low acid vegetable to high acid vegetable, etc. that safe canning demands.

Do you have a copy of the Ball Blue Book of Preserving (aka the Canning Bible)? I got mine at the local hardware store, but it's available for about $8 at any of the online booksellers or canning suppliers.
Or go to

I know - it's a wonder that my grandmothers, who both had "little cellars" filled to the rafters with canned goods not processed according to all these rules and regulations and had rubber rings and zinc or glass lids on the jars, ever survived to pass on their canning genes to future generations.

Unfortunately, there are a lot of recipes floating around on the Internet that are just NOT SAFE to can, so most people start with tested recipes for the peace of mind.
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