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Originally Posted by NathanP View Post
Here is the link I was looking for, regarding a Canadian source:

And Avram's Garlicana catalog can be found here:
I have some of the Rasa list, growing from bulbils, that aren't big enough yet to try for seeds, maybe in a year or two if they do size up.
I have Chesnok Red and Persian Star, the second year cloves were planted this fall. these two Purple Stripes are quite late for us here, so I'm a little concerned if I can get them to a sustainable full size.
Also got Kostyn's Red Russian bulbils in a swap last year, and got a few really nice rounds planted - seems these size up quicker than the Purple Stripes, I'm optimistic! after year 1.
And I have Russian Red (Red Russian?) bulbils to plant. I think they are the Marbled purple stripe not the Rocambole, based on the size and shape of the bulbils.

The year I tried for true seeds, I had Chesnok and Music from my garden, and also had a bunch of scapes of Persian Star and some Spanish Roja that were missed and/or dropped on the ground after they were cut, at my friend's farm. Got lovely flowers on Chesnok and Persian Star - loads on the PStar - and a few on the Spanish Roja, and they did form capsules but there were no seeds this time. Music and Leningrad, now that I recall, they just kept pushing out bulbils as long as I kept plucking them off. Nothing like a fully formed flower on them, although I hear it is possible. Leningrad is another one that is just too late for us here.
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