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There is no such thing as true garlic seed. The scape seed pods produce sterile clones of the garlic clove planted. I use the seeds, called bulbils, to produce next years' crop after about two seasons. All the seeds germinate.

Almost all garlic is similar, the only variable is the size of the bulb and sometimes the color produced ,which is highly dependent upon the weather, and when it is harvested. I only grow hard neck garlic and use my own always for seed and have been doing so for over ten years.I grow perfect garlic every year around 100 bulbs and get about four bulbs dried to the pound of large cloves. I always plant is October and take no effort to treat the seed bulbs to cold weather conditioning.

Garlic is the easiest plant to grow if done properly in my Zone 5. It takes little room and can even be placed amongst flower beds. I consider garlic a cold weather crop.

I have well documented pictures to support my babble.
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