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Originally Posted by NarnianGarden View Post
Everyone keeps on harping about Honey Crisp apples.. I cannot believe they're *that* good.. compared to some Nordic varieties.
I wasn't harping,I was enthusiastically praising it and am very interested in the new improved Honey Crisp which I haven't tasted yet.

Please name some Nordic varieties for me and I ask since there's a small village near me where many familys from Finland settled and I'm wondering if they brought any scions with them and propagated them here.

Carolyn, who is 1/4 Swedish but knows when they came to the US from Uppsala, Carlson by name, they bought nothing with them other than their suitcases,their traditions,their foods,their language,but when here they were told they were now in America and should only speak English.Still,when my mother was talking on the phone with her mother, Hattie Wigand,nee Carlson,I could hear a few words and I think one of them meant money,maybe penga?.
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