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An amazing but simple recipe from my uncle:

Uncle Pepe Muñiz’s Chile Recipe

1. Chile – Your choice depending on what kind of chile you want.

a. Chile Arbol (NM hot-dry) as much as you dare. Pulverize in the blender. Do this first.

b. Chile Japonese (NM hot-dry) . Same as above.

c. Green Chiles (fresh): Jalapenos or others of your choice. [I believe they must come from Hatch, NM]

2. White Onion. One large or as much as you like.

3. Green onions. Three or four whole.

4. Tomatillo. Two or three depending on size.

5. Fresh Cilantro. One half of a bunch.

6. Canned tomatoes. Small can. Plain, no spices added. My Uncle Pepe recommends Hunts brand tomatoes.

7. Tomato sauce. One small can. Plain, no spices added. Hunts brand.

8. Garlic fresh. As much as you like

9. Salt 1/2 tsp.

10. Water to desired thickness.

Blend all ingredients. That’s it!

The fun is in the experimentation. Of course, fresh tomatoes are better!

I have more recipies if anyone is interested!
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