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Default Sales tax & shipping charges

Originally Posted by Labradors2 View Post
Their catalog announces 50% off, so you place a large order for bulbs online. The full price comes up, then the shipping, then the 13% tax. Only at the very end, do they deduct the 50% off the price of the bulbs.

I don't much like paying tax on shipping, and I certainly don't like paying tax on something I haven't bought. They lost me as a customer.
I sympathize; it's never fun when you think you're getting a good deal and end up feeling ripped off. However, vendors don't have any discretion in how they calculate and collect sales tax (or for you, gst/hst/pst, I guess); it's all spelled out in the regulations.

I took a quick look at Canadian sales tax law, and it looks to me like Canadian vendors are required to collect tax on the shipping fees they charge to Canadian customers. So, I think Vesey's did that correctly on your order.

However, for the bulbs themselves, the law says they should have collected tax on the price after discounts. If they charged you tax on the full price, they did it incorrectly, and you could contact them and request a refund. If they refuse to refund the excess tax to you, you could report them to the tax authorities, if you have free time and care about the principle of the thing.

I like Veseys and have bought bean seeds from them that I can't find elsewhere. If they sold tomato seeds to US customers, I might buy from them more often. Still, I'm sorry you had a bad experience.
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