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hot rod helen line is offering up a handful of tomatoes. the taste is a bold sweet/tart
flavor. nothing subtle about it. not all plants have given ripe fruit, so not sure if
taste will be uniform with all nine plants or not. growth habit, fruit size is about the
same. all are indeterminate, but seem to lack the robustness of the parent plant
that sent out branch after branch, blossoms galore. could be weather. it has been
much drier this year than last year.

mama helen line has some variation. six plants are indeterminate. foliage is a bit

different from plant to plant. some plants have broader sword shaped leaves while
two others have narrower shaped leaves.
one off type looks like it will stay determinate in growth habit. it barely reaches
my waist.
this plant has some of the largest broad sword shaped leaves i have ever seen on
a tomato before. i don't have enough tomato genetics knowledge to explain this one.
fruit set is decent on the seven plants and approaching full size of 4 to 5 oz. this line is taking longer to ripen same as last year.

a question for you.

if plants, and fruit are similar between two or more plants at f5, is it ok to combine
seeds or should i continue to save seed separately from each plant until i am sure
there are no further surprises? sixteen bags of seed vs four or five.

don't abort. we'll adopt.
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