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Milan HP
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Hello bro Paradajky,
happy to hear of your better mood. Your squash and cucumbers look fine. In fact, there's been much more success than failure in your endeavors - you are learning the ropes a million times faster than you would as a "lucky beginner". I've been through that myself and I've always tried not to allow whatever problems I have to spoil my day. Just find a solution (not necessarily perfect) and carry on, that's my motto.

I can't help you with this as it is all Greece to me, but at least I can send some encouragement: I've had problems since the very moment I started and I'm grateful for them: they keep making me learn fast. Today I probably found a solution to my perennial problem, Septoria. Yupee. I don't know if it'll work, and yet I feel it's sort of success. Even more so that it doesn't involve any chemicals. Tell you more later.
Milan HP
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