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stoopid mice,

have bolluxed things up a bit. in the upstairs bedroom on one of the trays of the plant
stand in the room, i had seeds drying from my four aili line plants, a couple lempi line,
and mama helen #1. checking on them this morning, i found the plates empty except
for a stray seed here and there along with some mice droppings. weather is getting colder, and being in the country, mice are always looking for warmer places to stay.
i can replace the lempi line, and mama helen line seeds from tomatoes ripening in
labeled boxes. aili line presents a problem. of the four plants, only aili #1 has tomatoes that look different. the other three plants had
similar looking tomatoes with aili #2 being slightly larger.
these tomatoes are all mixed together in a couple boxes, picked green because of impending frost, impossible to tell one from the other. i can save seeds from this mixed up lot, and continue to f5 at some point, and select for best taste without knowing the f4 parentage. i think it would require growing a larger number of plants at one time than i would have liked.
other option could be to just resow f3 seeds, and see if something better appears next year while keeping lineages intact.

don't abort. we'll adopt.
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