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our lettuce has been doing extremely well this year.
i have been succession planting for a change to ensure a fresh crop once the preceding crop starts to bolt. i have a variety of bibb, frilly, and butter crunch that i got from a local seed saver that i have let bolt and go to seed in previous years. they continue to come up each year. a few standouts are nevada which a fellow home schooler has raved about, says its the only lettuce she grows, and ohhh, you have to let some of them form heads. nevada i agree, is a very good lettuce. pirat is a butter crunch that we like. light green crinkly leaves with some brown in them. i am also growing a green romaine, and cimmaron, a red romaine. i haven't tried the cimmaron yet.
there are a couple red oak leaf lettuces growing that got massive. i hope to get seeds from them once they bolt. i got those from the local seed saver.
my wife is very happy with the lettuce, salads every day, each day a little different.
how is your lettuce crop doing?
which ones do you like best?

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