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Default Southern Exposure Seed Exchange, central VA, summer

Sometime in August we'll have a tomato tasting (maybe even two) on our own farm here in central Virginia (Mineral, about halfway between Charlottesville and Richmond).

We'll have tastings for tomatoes, peppers, some melons, interesting greens and herbs, and tours of our seed crops + trial crops + seed business.

It'll probably be a Saturday, but just which one will depend on the weather and how fast our tomatoes ripen up! Since we do a couple big tomato tastings in September (Heritage Harvest Festival at Monticello, and Mother Earth News Fair in Pennsylvania), we do our main tomato planting later than usual, and so we won't be getting seedlings into the ground til next week... so, yeah, if hot summer, then earlier in August, and if cooler summer, then later in the month.

Once we figure out the date, we'll send out an email announcement to local customers a week or two ahead, and I'll post a note here, and give an update about what varieties we'll have and what sort of crops we'll have for folks to look at!
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