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I recycle. I grow organic. I love permaculture; hügelkultur etc. But . . .

I don't think humans are currently smart enough to understand how complex earth's ecosystem is. The video is another demonstration of this fact.

Ruminants were here long before warming in vast numbers.
They fed on grasses that other animals could not digest.

Their grazing promoted the health and spread of grasslands.
Grasslands sequester carbon.

Man discovers that methane is a greenhouse gas.
Man calls for the reduction/elimination of ruminants.
Without ruminants deserts spread.
Deserts lead to greater warming. People starve.

Say we eliminate all cattle with a snap of our fingers - how much of a temperature decrease will occur? What will it cost? How many humans will it kill? No one knows; no one ever says.

I travel a lot for business. I see invasive species all over that were many times introduced by man to control a problem that was less of a problem than the problem now created by man's intervention!

I am also told by my hotel that I will save the planet by reusing towels. It won't.
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