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Well I though it was very interesting and made a lot of sense. The problem is that this solution does not solve the problem that the methane causes. This helps return the earths dessert and barren areas to fertile areas, and that is a very good thing. But the methane effects the area above the earth and the ozone layer. So the problem is that the solution to one problem exacerbates a different problem. Now if they presented this as a way to manage and farm animals in a different way that helps the earth and also allows for fewer cows overall, maybe they could help both. But yes fast food beef would have to go, and we would have to also consider controlling populations to decrease the demand for beef, appreciating the beef we do eat and paying more for it because there will be less available and it might be more expensive to raise in a more ecological way. I love beef, but I can do without the 2.00 fast food burger that requires factory farms to produce, and eat my grass fed beef without antibiotics, just not every day. One reason I can seldom post under a cheap eating thread. I do occassionally, but that kind of meat is just rarely, if ever, cheap.

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