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Here is a link to the great bison belt.
I can assure anyone here I have read way beyond any Wiki link about bison and the Americas.
The grasses they had and how the Indians controlled them.
It was a living meat locker for them for years.

Currently we have around 94 million cattle in the US.

It is estimated that there were around 60 million bison in North America at one time.

Sadly a vast amount of the beef from cattle is going to trashy junk food burger joints and such.
((That is not the way we should be consuming beef.))
The amount of environmental waste and impact is astounding.
Mostly due to the trash involved in selling one burger and the amount of energy used to keep the place warm and cool where they sell it.
I took a pictuer some time ago of the trash pile I had left over from just one order at Burger King.
I was sickening.
The plowing up of the soil killing off the bison and natural grass lands to raise wheat is one of the biggest environmental disasters in the history of man.

For right now till later I have just this to say.
Most people that get on only one band wagon like the dont eat meat to save the planet kick due to methane aren't looking at the big pictuer.
The celebrities that get involved are mostly uneducated tools to promote an agenda.

They see the deserts forming and holler climate change and green house gasses.
What they dont realize is much of that waste land is forming due to the lack of grazing on that land.
As the animals graze they fertilize the soil as they go from the grass they eat on that land.

The soil was so deep and fertile from bison that it took years of farming before it played out.
Then in the early 20th century they had to start fertilizing it to grow crops.
Mostly because of the wind blowing good soil away and depletion of soil nutrients.
That fertilizer they use today to grow crops causes tons of green house gasses to produce.
Plowing up large areas of land and not having anything on it causes a great amount of climate change in an aria so they say.

I propose less feed lot cattle production and more grass fed beef.
Raise rabbits in your back yard to eat.
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