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Just the other day I was reading about a type of seaweed that they are feeding to cows, and can reduce their methane to zero! The seaweed is tropical so sadly won't be growing it close to home. But kudos to the folks who are doing it, I hope it can be made available worldwide. Or maybe there's another one for us northern folks, that would be just as good....

RedBaron had some interesting things to say in another thread about C4 grasses, which sequester a lot of carbon apparently. That is a more sustainable grassland grazing land for the herd animals we don't want to let go.

I don't eat a lot of beef mostly because it's too expensive. But I'm very partial to my dairy and don't want to give that up. I'm okay with eating more legumes and vegetarian meals, but if I don't have some cheese to nibble on I will not be happy. I would much rather if we found more sustainable ways to keep cattle in the picture, within reason of course.
After all, it's not their fault that we burned all those dang fossil fuels!
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