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Originally Posted by ContainerTed View Post
Sorry, Worth1. This planet already has enough methane. I really think we humans should find some other source of protein. Of course I still like my hamburgers and steaks and ...... Well, maybe I'm just not signed up 100% on the side of reducing the bovine population. But, then, we humans create a substantial amount of noxious gases. Maybe we should reduce the human population as well. Nayh, this subject is too political.

If we don't eat beef, then we must eat some kind of meat. I think you should put the antelope population on notice that they are next !!!!
You need to see the video first it is about controlled animal management on land to improve the soil so it doesn't erode and die.

Look at it this way millions of Bison and other animals were here before and there were vast grasslands for them to live on.
Many places that grassland was on is nothing but a dry dessert now.
I used to talk to old timers that lived in West Texas and how they said the land has changed so much from grass land to desert.
I was in my early 20's then.
Animals many animals on the plains is natural not plowing up the soil to raise crops.
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