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Originally Posted by greenthumbomaha View Post
I started a sweet and a lemon a few weeks ago for window sill growing. The lemon will be nice in a pot to walk by and smell but not sure how useful it will be in dishes.

My main sowing of sweet for in ground started last weekend. I tucked it in on the dvd player and it sprouted in two days. It immediately went in a sunny window and spent some time outside today. There is no comparison to growing outdoors as it really doesn't take off till it stays outside. Wanted to check it off my list before I get busy with tomatoes and peppers.

If downy mildew strikes later in the season, I'll start up some Elenora or Holy Greek.

LEMON or LIME basil is a perfect substitute for cilantro in salsa. it doesn't have the soapy taste some people associate with it.
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