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Default Basil seedlings, too much light or over watered?

Hi all,

I started tomatoes, peppers and basil from seed about 3 weeks ago with a self watering "kit". Started with fluorescent lights, then switched to and LED grow light about 2 weeks ago.
The Tomatoes are doing fine and repotted, I repotted the peppers and basil today -- the basil started out fine but now the leaves a yellowish. I'm not sure if they're bleached from light or overwatered, the watering mat kept them moist but not soaked in the seed starter.
When I repotted today I "watered them in", kind of wish I hadn't done that -- I assumed it was the lighting, but now I wonder if it's too much watering?
No sign of pests that I can see.

Thanks for any ideas!

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