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On This Historic Day That a Native American Lady will appear on our United State Currency, I have found "County Agent Heirloom Tomatoes" as a Native Tomato grown in the Wonderful State of Oklahoma. In my Notes of living in the State of Oklahoma " I was surprised that the Good Regular People of Oklahoma took me to the Native Americans Tribes as I was looking for Farming Secrets taught to my people for survive. As a Visitor I and my husband received respect and Love from everyone. "Everyone Amen". They are very Proud of their Native Americans, with Farming Secrets shared openly. The same type of Love; as Oklahoma Citizens Catching these Famous SoftBalls, freely giving them up to the Parent and Family Members who travel so far to see their Children Play this Historic Games. I know the Citizens gave the Parent from Hawaii the same Love they gave me and my husband. I know that Tears flowed as they hugged other Native Americans. Please sent me some of your Seeds, and I will send you funds back, Amen!!!

I am learning about Farm funding to fully Establish My Farms together.
May God Bless you and my Garden, Amen
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