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Ken B
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Belated note that HHF is coming up this weekend -- -- weather looks nice for it -- Craig and Rodger are both giving talks on Friday and Saturday, and there's the usual big tomato tasting on Saturday.

Some interesting tomatoes we'll have out for tasting = dwarfs (Rosella Purple, Dwarf Wild Fred, Summer Sweet Gold, Dwarf Emerald Giant, and Geranium Kiss -- the last one bred by Alan Kapuler). Rutgers 250. Black Centiflor, Yellow Centiflor, and Red Centiflor (all cherries bred by Alan Kapuler). Some more of Craig's favorite heirlooms that we don't already carry (Nepal, Ferris Wheel, Polish).

Generally, should be nice big tasting, at least 100 tomatoes, 15-20 sweet peppers, some melons, bunch of different herbs... lot of work, but looking forward to!!
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