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hi fonseca -- belated reply, sorry, our rural internet's been acting up and gotten me way behind -- thanks for the notes!!

-- Red Pisa Date -- glad you liked! I think it's a neat one.

-- Chocolate Cherry -- it's really interesting looking at our trial patch, all 3 black cherry varieties look really similar as far as color/fruit size/growth/disease resistance, but they've all got slightly different flavor. I like Negro Azteca the best, but they're all pretty good!

-- We did have Tropic VFN and Dr. Carolyn's on the seed rack, but guess they got lost in the shuffle. We've had folks suggest that we make sure to alphabetize them, and also had folks suggest that we make clearer which varieties we carry and which ones we're trialing.

-- We don't carry Mountain Magic -- the person who told you probably got it mixed up with Mountain Princess, which we did have that day -- Fedco and other folks do carry it. I really like it, good flavor and good disease resistance.

-- We've got some Bisignano #2 seeds, it'll be in the next catalog, will put it online in the next few weeks.

-- And glad you liked Doe Hill! Didn't bring seeds for it since I didn't know that another farm was going to be bringing fruits for the tasting.
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