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Originally Posted by nctomatoman View Post
It was a really good event, though attendance was down a bit from previous years (my feeling - and Ira and I discussed this a fair bit - happening on the same weekend as the big heirloom festival in California, and very iffy weather with heat, humidity and thunderstorms prevalent, or at least threatening). All three of my workshops and book signings were fun and went well, Sue and I got to stay in a really cool airbnb - and as always, walking around Monticello is simply incredibly inspiring for gardeners.
If I know you was going to be there I would have asked my Husband to take me. I love your New Book and it came very fast. I think many of us farmers in Virginia was saving our crops from the hot summer heat. I would Love to Dance and Sing with my Historical Tomatoes and Vegetables. I want to be there next year, Amen!!

My weekend performance dancing with my fruits and Vegetables, I was truly praying for my 'Moons and Stars Watermelon Crop to Survive'.
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