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This year's is Fri Sept 11th-Sat Sept 12th! --

The tomato tasting will be on Saturday, Sept 12th. Should be 75-100 varieties this year. After Craig's book came out this winter, Ira had the idea of wanting to spotlight tomatoes mentioned in Craig's book. So besides some 20-30 varieties that SESE already carries that were mentioned in Craig's book, Craig sent us seedstock for another 10-15 varieties we don't currently offer, so we'll also have ones like Ferris Wheel, Green Giant, Mexico Midget, Aker's West Virginia, Nepal, etc. at the tasting this year.

(We do our main tomato planting later so that our tomato plants will be in better shape for this September tasting event, and a few other September tastings, so we actually didn't put out our seedlings til early June -- this way they hold up better in the July heat and are still fine and healthy in September.)

There's also some special tomato event on Thursday afternoon featuring Craig and Ira and Nan Chase --
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