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VirginiaClay May God Bless You for all this needed information. My soul is still excited seeing that Native Americans Female from both team, Parents soul filled with Joy as they Precious children is becoming "Pure Heroes" of Native Americans Dreams of becoming a part of the "American Melting Pot Theory. These Parents Traveled far, and I cried when they gave the Parents the Softball from the Players. I was amazed of the Oklahoma Spirit I witness as I traveled with my husband to collect their Farming Secrets. Seeing real Buffaloes for the first time in my Life, and wanting to bring them back to Virginia. I wanted to tell our Senator Mark Warner they know his Heart. They also loved The Late John Mccain. They just love everyone, and the Visitors to their State, Amen!!.

They also gave up the Softballs they caught to go the the Family Members, too.
That was so nice.

I am glad I have "Glass Gem" Corn, Amem!! Corn. I also have Dr. John Wyche, of "Dr. Wyche's Yellow" tomato fame, an will update him living in Hugo, Oklahoma in my listing.

Thank you again, Virginia Clay, I cannot travel with my husband anymore, because we have 6 year old school Age baby.
May God Bless you and my Garden, Amen
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