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Originally Posted by JRinPA View Post
I had the order timed perfectly for the weather, but the supplier's "fast shipping" decided to take a week off. I ordered Wednesday. Should have went out Thursday. Or at least Friday. Saturday morning? Well Tuesday surely? No, I had to email the following Wednesday. They printed a slip 30 minutes later and then emailed me like "what did I expect, it was labor day weekend." So Fast Shipping meant 1 week delay to Hancock Seeds. These should have all been in the ground the day after Labor Day. Can't say I'm real happy about that.
When do you expect the first hard frost?It took a around two nights to kill them when I planted them 2 years ago but they were around 2 inches round.I believe I planted the second week of September that year.We have a feed store nearby that has the seeds.But the mail is messed up these days so I know how you feel.Good luck with cover crop.
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