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Interesting lights! I particularly like the switchable option for blue-red shifting.

Today i planted some seeds for the Aft tomato in my hydro aero experiment chamber. Yes, Aft is literally what i've been calling them, though technically they are LA1996. The Aft tomato variety was one that did well in my garden (very rare), determinate which i also do not have very many of, but it also was one of the most productive tomatoes i had in 2017. It also has large tomatoes. So all things considered, this is one interesting variety that is worth growing again. Tomato taste was ok. They had purple spotches on them that made them sort of look diseased, but it was not disease, just genetics. Figured it might make a good hydro tomato variety.

EDIT: i just noticed on the TGRC LA1996 page that it is listed as "Mating System: Allogamous-SI". Does this mean LA1996 is self incompatible?

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