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thanks craig that helps me to understand this.

feldon i selected sun gold, jet star and the other 2 just as examples of hybrids i could think of off the top of my head cuz i'm not familiar with hybrid names since i don't grow them. your explanation is very interesting and i like the a+b c+d then abcd example, this made it clear to understand. like i said genetics is a mystery to me!

a few years back there was a link here that showed how the seed companies produce hybrid seeds. it was not as clear to me as craig and feldon explained it. however, kygreg is correct about a lot of labor and feldon about 3rd world.

the pictures were shot in mexico or somewhere in central or south america. there were plastic tubs about 20-25 gallon sized filled with seeds. i gathered from reading at this site that this was a very time consuming process and couldn't be done economically other than in a 3rd world country due to cheap labor due to the extensive time to perform the process. i think the hand pollinating was a very involved process that only certain laborers were qualified to do. it was interesting but did not explain it like craig and feldon have.

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