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Carolyn, I wish I could recommend some from here that are available in your neighborhood.
One of the best is Antonovka, a Russian one that's sturdy and strong, it's widely used in Canada as well.
My parents have a White Transparent - it's a lovely sharp aroma, (if only little insects leave it grow and develop in peace! this year we have an infestation)

and there are plenty ones with name Cinnamon, no idea if they are available over there.
Another wonderful variety that we call Syysviiru, meaning Autumn Stripe, very nice red striped small fruited cultivar.

Those come to mind at this moment, I'll check for some more.

Honey Crisp is known and available here in supermarkets - probably not grown in Finland, but imported from Central Europe. I am curious, but cannot remember ever trying it.
Pink Lady from France is another one that's marketed with grande fleur and much fanfare, and - imho, doesn't taste anything special. But, commercial ones hardly ever do.
Granny Smith was wonderful in my childhood - now it has become more and more like mushy cardboard...

Garlic ice cream - that's something I've been hoping to try. Sounds exotic enough, almost as exotic as chocolate dipped insects...
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