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Originally Posted by majabu View Post

I found out, that Acme was sold in 1881 by the German seed-company Ernst Benary, Erfurt. The Acme tomatoe was described as "neue amerikanische, glatt, violetfrüchtig, sehr fein”. That's the same like the description of Livingston himself.
There was an other seed company also stayed in Erfurt, called Haage & Schmidt. This company startet selling "Liebesapfel Acme" in the year 1893 until 1907. Liebesapfel was an old german word for tomato.
And last but not least, the donator of Acme Seeds LYC 1333 and LYC 291 was an German institution near by Erfurt.
So may be, LYC 291 will be the right Acme tomato?

See also the list of historical seed-catalogues: PGRDEU – Themenlisten – Historisch genutztes Gemüse – Abbildungen der Sortengruppe ‘Acme’

Thank you for posting.

And have you read this entire thread, especially the posts by Mike,who is the expert on Livingston varieties.

The issue of what was discovered in Germany was also discussed, especially in post # 49.

This thread was started with the confusion about what the REAL Acme was/is, and it turns out there is No REAL/TRUE Acme since Livingston himself wasn't sure, and different seed companies back then changed the names of already known varieties to indicate they had something new.And this concept of changing variety names was also discussed here,one of the last posts before you posted.

I hope what I wrote helps,at least a little bit.

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