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How is everyone's garden doing?

I came back from Tennessee on 9/30 with 15 healthy plants, needing transplanting ASAP. The seedlings I left with my neighbor were all toast since she left them on the porch (east exposure - worst case for Irma) during the entire storm.

The earliest transplants had to endure 2 huge rain makers over the last week and several days of constant 30-40 MPH winds. I know I will lose quite a few of the 15. Sad that the SunChocola's look the worst, both basically dead. The SunPeach sharing an EB with SC had some life this AM, but drooping by mid-morning.

I am now using shade cloth as some of them can not handle the change in sun intensity, humidity, and heat. It is much different than starting the seeds and growing entirely in Florida.

I have started a few over, but we are still on a boiled water alert so I don't even want to use that water for the plants.
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