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Originally Posted by RinTinTin View Post
Ami: (and anyone else not living in the U.S.)

I should point out that household bleach sold in the US is usually a 5-6% solution, while in much of Europe, it is quite a bit stronger(sometimes double that). Take that into consideration before doing your dilutions, and read the label to see what solution you are using. Too much of a good thing is not a good thing.
I was not aware that the solutions were different. I figured Clorox would be the same the world over. I don't use any other brand because I worry the solution might be too weak or too strong. I've seen some cheap brands with only a little over 3% sodium hypochlorite and that is way too weak once you add it to water to do anything for your disease problems. The bleach I use is between 5% and 6% sodium hypochlorite. A little variation doesn't hurt but I try to never get my final solution too strong. It's not that hard to spray again if neccessary.
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