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I won't be spraying anything. This is a no spray comm garden and I don't spray at home either.

So I should have kept them on? I was hoping the cabbage moths are done for the year. Honestly I'm not much of a fall gardener, I am out hunting and try to make time to harvest but don't spend much time. Guess I will check over there tonight and see if they already laid eggs and maybe put the covers back on. The covers are 83" wide so at most I could have about 60" of hoop and still get the cloth tight to the ground so it won't whip off in the wind.

What do you do with broccoli, take the the cover on and off every few days to harvest the shoots?

Maybe I should have left it on the cauliflower only. I always think the of them as the same thing, broc and caul. I suppose because I grew up eating both from freezer section with cheese sauce.
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