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I first got interested in the same topic after reading the above thread at GW in 2010 and go to the post on April 21 by Keith M, which is has the same list of gf allele varieties that Darrel posted here. It's worth a read IMO.

The Phillipine ones were not only sent to Canada but also to someone working at the U of Arkansas, I don't know where to find that info now, perhaps in the long thread about True Brandywine, or elsewhere, and at another site there was some conjecture that the Phillipine ones "escaped" from there and were involved somewhere with what we know as Cherokee Purple and by extension Indian Stripe and possibly others. But note in Keith's post that clearly the 100 yo history for Cherokee Purple that John Green gave Craig LeHoullier was not correct.

I think we need to distinguish between North America as ONE of the original sources of the so called blacks as opposed to introduction to NA from elsewhere being involved.

And again I go back to that True Brandywine thread I linked to as to the Phillipine ones and Feejee and the others mentioned there.

And other than the variety known as Black, which was in the SSE Yearbooks many years ago and apparently said to come from Russia via the West Coast of NA when Russians settled in Alaska, who knows what seeds for blacks might have come from various sources overseas due to immigration and never were known to others at the time.

Folks from Russia, Ukraine, etc., immigrated to NA even before 1800 or so and no doubt brought seeds with them, as still happens today when folks migrate from one location to another. I'm thinking of all the wonderful varieties that I got when I was near Albany, NY, from the head of the English Dept at a local HS whose wife was an immigration lawyer. Sandul Moldovan comes tomind ASAP.

I keep saying the so called blacks b'c I do distinguish between what I call pink/blacks, with a clear epidermis such as Cherokee Purple, Indian Stripe, Black from Tula and others, as opposed to what I call red/blacks, with a yellow epidermis, such as Black Krim, Carbon and others.

So did all so called blacks come to NA via immigration from elsewhere and some before Ernie Kerr's 1950 date or did some appear here way before 1950 and were indigenous to NA, either by immigration or mutational events in NA?

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