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Tania, I do have all the Yearbooks back to 1975 except for the 1982 one b'c Craig LeHoullier ( he has them too) and I had offered to correct as much wrong info in the tomato section as we could. But it never happened b'c at the Board meeting where it was to be discussed Kent announced that he and Diane were getting divorced and the agenda changed ASAP.

Pre 1986 the tomatoes were not listed by color, rather by state and within a state in order of their SSE code so I HATE trying to find anything.

But when I have time, which is not now, I'll take a look.

Gary Staley, referred to above, was a great gentleman, I didn't even check to see if he's still listing so I shouldn't say was, but it was he who got lots of great varieties from Prof Klaprott, who had a private collection in Germany and listed all of them.

If you look at the True Black Brandywine thread in this FORUM you'll see that there's evidence of some so called black varieties that go back to the mid 1800's as I recall and not necessarily from the former USSR andadjoining areas.

Mutations can happen anytime and anywhere and have done so.

Another issue is that some so called blacks were not listed in the other color section which only started with that 1986 one. And w0rds for different colors are not the same as we might use now, if you look at thatBlack Brandywine thread.

To be honest I'm still trying to drag info from a few folks about new varieties I hope to list in my upcoming seed offer, which is not easy, as well as spending a lot of energy trying to avoid this credit fraud issue I mustg deal with butmust do it soon, or else.

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