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I’ve always had spider mites when I plant marigolds but that was in AZ when mites were a a big problem. I may have to slip some old marigold seeds around in some spots and see what happens here in NC.
For pests,I like planting basil,especially Thai or lemon, all around the garden. I’m also experimenting with some sunflowers this year and they seem to have attracted a few assassin bugs.
I wish I could find something g to repel or trap the stink bugs and leaf footed bugs. Plus,the Japanese and June bugs. That would make my life so much easier!
If anyone has suggestions, I’m open to trying either a trap crop or repellent.
I heard somewhere that amaranth is good as a trap, I may give that a try.
I suspect I may have a few nematodes in a couple of spots so I may need to work on that this winter.
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