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Hi Barb,

That first Green Bee Kickstarter never attracted enough interest. So it never got funded, and you should not have paid anything or received anything.

Indeed it was a 2016 project.

It is still the same Green Bee! Just too weird to catch on very quickly.

Agi Red is beautiful. We have been trying for a very long time to come up with a good red tomato with yellow stripes to generally release and be proud of.

Of course some Tville folks will remember the "Red Jazz" disaster, and I am probably stupid for bringing it up. In our experience, red tomatoes are HARD...

Originally Posted by Barb_FL View Post
I've done a couple of your kickstarter projects before and I think one was Green Bee. This would have been around 2016. Is that the same Green Bee or did you rerelease it a few years later. Agi Red looks beautiful.

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