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Originally Posted by AlittleSalt View Post
The car needs a front end alignment after replacing the rack and pinion. It doesn't pull to one side or anything, but a front end alignment is the smart thing to do.

My MIL went home ... and that's about all we know. I know that sounds cold, but that's just the way my wife's family is. (My wife is thought of as the black sheep of the family because we own our home, land, car, and have been together for 34 years.) The rest of her family can't say any of the above.

Jimmy Nardello and Fooled You are starting to peek out of the starting mix today
Well, I’m glad she’s home.
I applaud you and your wife reaching an awesome 34 years together. Fabulous.
At least the alignment isn’t in the category of ‘must do right now’ car repairs.
Tomatoes are starting to pop but I don’t have any peppers showing yet.
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