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I've been keeping my data in a simple text file, too busy these days! But I had set up some tables so I sat down this morning and wrote up some of it so far - attached as pdf. Any comments or suggestions about data collection etc. are welcome. We live to improve and learn...
All my early starts have flowered now, and the fruit set data is coming in as well. Beaverlodge Plum is precocious like Kimberley, but it's a little bush, loaded with flowers and fruit. Hope they're fit to eat.
We had a couple of weeks of midsummer type temperatures in early May so the plants are pretty big. They endured a lot of cold nights in April but nothing under 40 F. We had three days of nasty cold weather recently which didn't reach a high of 60 F, so I was able to get some data on vegetative and fruit growth (for the few already fruiting) in cold conditions. Zolotoe Serdtse is the standout for fruit growth in the cold, so far. I could hardly hope for it, but I expect more data points like that one to come.
PI 120256 is outstanding, a gorgeous plant impervious to cold. A couple of the cold growth leaves fried, though (crispy black!) when it suddenly turned sunny with UV 7, poor thing. LA 1478 is having some serious pest or disease issues which didn't affect the toms, I hope it will outgrow it - still watching for the first flower buds on this wild currant.

Regrettably I did not get the Lycopersicoides accessions to germinate, and now I'm thinking it's too late, and I may not get fruit if I try to start them again now. It might be better to save the couple of seeds and try next year instead. Sorry about that, Dar. I have a houseful with my peppers and the 40 + plants for the farm trial, I literally didn't know where to put another seedling until they can be moved out. Some tomato plants at the farm greenhouse perished on the cold weekend, btw. I'm very happy to see all my plants surviving...
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