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I water all my plants with usually 5 to6 days of MG and one or two days of just clear water to wash out excess salts. I've never had a problem with using the MG. I not only use the MG, but every so often, I feed mine a tiny bit of epsom salt before a rain or I am going to water.

I feel for you. It is rough anytime you lose a plant, especially when you can only have a few. Nothing like the taste of that first ripe strawberry. Hopefully when you get one, your hubby won't beat you to it. ; )

There is a product that might help with your spider mites. It is a 3-in-one product. A miticide, fungicide and insecticide. I just don't remember if is made by Garden Safe or Bayer, but I have found it works good. You have to read the label for use on veggies though.
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