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You are way ahead of me in getting fall stuff in the garden. My broccoli and such are only about one inch tall now and won't be ready for transplanting for at least a few weeks. I did set out twenty feet of Maxibel beans for fall and a few Sweet Success cucumbers this morning after a half inch of rain yesterday. I will just have to see if the worms and whiteflies will give them a chance and pray for cooler weather soon.

I have taken out a lot of my tomato beds but still have to deal with taking down the racks and preparing the beds so I will have somewhere to plant. My bells are dying daily but I don't know what is killing them and most of my okra is gone now due to RKN. I guess I will try to plant mustard greens in that bed as soon as I can clean it up and hope they help with the RKN next year.

Other than bell peppers and a few Jalapenos there is nothing edible coming from the garden now. I really don't like this time of the gardening cycle due to all the work in cleaning up and it is still so hot here. It is still in the mid 70s at daylight so unless rain is coming there is very little time to work comfortably before it gets too hot.

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